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Say hello to your new
‘Accounts’ team

Hello. Great to have you here. We’d love to make your life simpler, easier and less stressful by taking care of your bookkeeping and accounts.

We’ll take the stress out of managing your books


Reconciliations, expenses, debtors, BAS etc – are done, and done right.


Forget payroll headaches, we make sure your people are paid right, right on time.


No more nasty surprises – know what’s coming in, going out, and when.


No more nasty surprises – know what’s coming in, going out, and when.

Money systems

Be ready for big bills and have cash set aside to invest where it’s needed.

Ideas and advice

Improve cash flow, profits and systems with helpful tips, advice and ideas.

ATO Compliance

Everything compliance related is taken care of, so the ATO is never on your back.


From navigating sticky situations to answering simple questions – we’re only a call away.


happy, long-term clients


BAS’s with the ATO


employee payroll payments


account transactions

Meet Fiona

I’ve been in and run businesses for decades. In that time, I’ve learnt a thing or two – what it takes to grow a business, why some fail, how to navigate cash flow problems and the biggest one, how the right money systems and processes can make running a business so much easier.

I also love small businesses. Supporting them, cheering them on, educating them and seeing them succeed. Because when a small business succeeds, all the people it supports succeed too – from the owner to the staff, the customers, the suppliers, the stakeholders and the community.

Navigata365 allows me to use my experience to help small businesses succeed. To help business owners understand the numbers, know where they are at, plan, tackle problems, rid themselves of money worries and grow.

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Our commitment

Managing the money side of your business will be less stressful.

You’ll know what you’re making, what’s going to come in, what’s going to go out, how you’ll pay for it, and what you’ve got to play with.


Everything you need will be at your fingertips

Our Single System approach means you’ll never have to go searching for a bill, receipt or figure again. Every document, report, or number you’ll ever need will be accessible in seconds through Xero.


Running your business will become easier and simpler.

We’ll support you in running your business. Show you how to do simple things that save you time, and take the time to explain the numbers and educate you, so you can make better decisions.


We’ll help you grow your business

Far more than just bookkeepers, we’ll support you in running your business. We’ll offer advice and suggestions when you need them and introduce you to specialists who can help.