I want a bookkeeper FAQs


A – Tradies often have income and expenses that occur over a period of time SO it can get messy ! Plus the Tax office have additional compliance to meet specific to the construction industry.


A – We’ll review your accounts, work out what’s missing and a plan to fix it and then we do it! ( Including glovebox management )


A – Then we report the profit as the project progresses 


A – We can setup and provide access to authorised users in your business 


A – At Navigata365 we provide you with education and our system which includes reconciling the accounts everyday if you like

A – Once we understand your sales process we can then process your sales invoices for you

A – Our system for managing sales invoices includes regular processing, payment reminders and end of month statements 

A – Our sales system includes regular reporting of all amounts owing using the accounts software 


A – This is all about cash flow through your business. Navigata365 offer a number of simple tools to reduce real pain to all business owners 

A – Some of our tools include planning payments to suppliers and options to receive customer payments quicker 


A – As a business you usually need to report your GST in your BAS (Business Activity Statement) when revenues exceed $75,000 per year. If you have employees you will need to report the tax withheld (PAYG) as well in the BAS 

A BAS agent is registered with the Tax office and can calculate, complete and lodge the BAS on your behalf. BAS agents  can organise a payment arrangement if you are not able to pay your BAS on time. 


A – Payroll tax is payable to the state government when your gross wages exceed a set limit. As bookkeepers we can prepare and lodge your payroll tax returns as required. 


A – We can set up your employees, pay superannuation and report on all payroll activities to the ATO. In addition we can pay your employees electronically. 

A – We also manage annual and sick leave for all employees 

A – We can set up timesheets for your employees to report their time for one or many projects during the period eg. Week

A –  Wages are typically made up of ordinary hours plus overtime when applicable. The rates of pay are usually detailed in an EBA, award or other employee agreement.  


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