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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you so good at bookkeeping for tradies?

Tradies have income and expenses that come in at different times, so their books can get messy… And the ATO has additional compliance requirements for businesses in construction to complicate things.

We deal with these things day in and day out, so know what needs to be done and have processes and systems for getting it done. It begins with reviewing your accounts, working out what’s missing, putting a plan in place to fix it, and then doing it (including glove box management).

Once everything is ship-shape, we get you the financial info you need to run your business smarter – from project profitability to cashflow projections and expense reports.

Can you lodge my BAS for me?

Yes. As required by the ATO Navigata365 is a BAS Agent and can calculate, complete and lodge your BAS on your behalf. We can also arrange payment arrangements if you aren’t able to pay your BAS on time.

I have employees – can you do payroll for me?

Absolutely. In the last year alone, we processed 25,584 employee payroll payments.

We can set your employees up in payroll, pay them electronically, pay superannuation, manage annual and sick leave, and prepare and provide your payroll reports to the ATO.

We can also set up timesheets for your employees to record their time on jobs, or on the job.

How much should I pay my employees?

Wages are usually made up of ordinary hours plus overtime, if applicable. For many industries, pay rates are detailed in an EBA, Award or employee agreement.

Do I need to pay payroll tax?

If your gross wages exceed the Victorian government limit ($700,000 a year, or $58,333 a month for 2022/23) you will need to pay payroll tax. If they are lower, you don’t.

Naturally, we can help you prepare and lodge your payroll tax returns as required.

I keep running out of money – can you help?

Even with plenty of cash coming into your business, it’s still possible to run out of money. Managing cash flow is all about timing and planning. We can set you up with some simple tools that make it easy to see what’s going to come in and what’s going to need to go out and plan around it.