Many business owners set up shop in Australia but don’t take the time to establish the right foundations.

We’re talking about the wrong registrations, finances that don’t comply and failing to get the right permits.

As a result, many end up with substantial tax penalties that force them out of business. Others end up with a massive Goods and Service Tax bill.

Don’t let this be you.

At Navigata365, it’s our mission to set up individuals to succeed in their Australian business ventures.

Here are some tips to be the best you can be in Australia.

Get the right systems in place

Australia has many different business laws and regulations to make it a fair and equitable place to work and live.

But, as someone new to the country, you can’t be expected to know the intricacies of these.

We have an in-depth checklist to identify what registrations you need, work out a time frame to get this done, then organise it all for you.

Get an accounts system organised

Any successful business needs their back-end systems organised.

At Navigata365, we can set up your online bookkeeping systems – compliant to Australian standards and procedures – taking away this hassle.

We educate you about what is needed from a record-keeping and accounts point of view so you can make the most of your business.

And as bookkeeping technology specialists, we can provide the right software solutution so you so you can manage your accounts efficiently, saving you time and money.

Understand your business obligations

Making money is great. But what about the other aspects of running a business in Australia?

There’s a number of tax payments, superannuation and payroll issues you need to get your head around to thrive.

We’ll advise you each step of the way for your expense and business tax matters.

Ready to transform your business? Speak to Navigata365 today for a Free Business Ready for Australia Assessment.

About the Author

I am an independent business and finance services professional. My aim is to use my business management, people and entrepreneurial skills to help organisations achieve success. I thrive on business challenge and achievement, motivating others to get results. I enjoy seeing business owners and key stakeholders rewarded from success. My career experiences ranges from general management and sales/marketing management, business planning and strategy to forensic accounting and bookkeeping, system audits, establishing systems for start ups in SME's and ME's.